Diamond Color


Diamond color is broken into multiple categories, but here we will only focus on the top two, which are colorless and near colorless.

Diamonds at the highest end of the diamond color chart are the “whitest” and most rare, which makes them more valuable. The diamond color grade is determined by comparing the diamond being graded to a “master set” of diamonds that have been selected to be the standard other diamonds are graded against. To most people, and even some trained graders, it is very difficult to tell one color grade from the one directly higher or lower if they are not compared side by side. It gets even harder to tell the difference in color grades once the diamond is mounted. As with the clarity grading process, the color grading process is subjective and is usually graded by multiple graders that have to come to a consensus. Once again, it should be noted that some labs/companies have been known to grade color less strictly than others, which will be covered in the “Diamond Grading Labs/Companies” page.

The highest category on the diamond color chart is the “colorless” category, which includes “D”, “E”, and “F” grades. Diamonds in these color ranges are beautiful, and will be noticeably whiter than lower grades when compared side-by-side.

The next category on the diamond color chart is “near colorless“, which includes “G”, “H”, “I”, and “J”. These diamonds are still great looking diamonds, and if the cut and clarity are high, they will still sparkle brilliantly. This range is where you can get the most bang for your buck, just make sure the clarity and especially the cut are good.


THOUGHT ON DIAMOND COLOR: Practically everyone who looks at the diamond you end up buying will be looking at in the mounting and will not be comparing it side by side with other diamonds. This means that differences in color grades will be much less noticeable than when you are in the jewelry store comparing different color diamonds side by side. For this reason, diamond color could be a great area to compromise and drop to a lower grade if you are just out of your price range or would like to step up a grade in another area.


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